"Even with ten lifetimes, no one would be able to explore everything that Tokyo has to offer"

Megacities fascinate me. I just love exploring all the small streets and rooftops, they always surprise me with unique scenery or an amazing view. I hope my photos capture well the atmosphere and vibe that I feel at that moment.
Thank you for taking the time to check them out.

Kyoto is a beautiful town, but sometimes it's easy to end up doing only stuff you find in every guide book. This blog post covers some of my favorite spot in this city.

Golden Gai has become so crowded with tourist in recent years, and it's not the best place to take photos anymore. I've written blog post about a few other places you can find around Tokyo with a similar vibe.

A package of 10 Lightroom presets optimized for photos taken at night.

I wrote a short digital guide to help you create spectacular evening photos.

If you are looking for some Wallpapers of Tokyo with a Cyberpunk vibe, I've created a pack and made them available here.

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