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12FebShibuya Crossing

Never gets old, I love this place! Every time I come here it remind me how lucky I am to live in Tokyo.

11FebBlack Light Painting

I think it represent the groud explosing under Shibuya, pretty cool uh! I wish I can back later to se the final result.

02FebTokyo High Speed HD

Short and sweet time lapse video of Tokyo. This time the action is more on the ground level and show you the people of this great city.

29JanRock Band

Theses guy were pretty good, I’ve talk with them a little bit before taking the shoot and they told me they didn’t sleep all night and the only thing that could keep them awake was to play music! They also told me they like Nirvana, NoFx and OffSpring, brought back some high school memories just to hear these names.

23JanPeople of Nagoya

Mass of people going to pray at the local shrine.

Dont worry they weren’t fighting, they were just doing the Capoeria.


Lone girl walking in a small back alley.

21JanPort of Kobe

The 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake diminished much of the port city’s prominence when it destroyed and halted much of the facilities and services there, causing approximately ten trillion yen or $102.5 billion in damage, 2.5% of Japan’s GDP at the time. Most of the losses were uninsured, as only 3% of property in the Kobe area was covered by earthquake insurance, compared to 16% in Tokyo. Kobe was one of the world’s busiest ports prior to the earthquake, but despite the repair and rebuilding, it has never regained its former status as Japan’s principal shipping port. It remains Japan’s fourth busiest container port. -wikipedia

19JanThis Summer…

I not did know the guy was looking straight at my lens when I took the photo, but it turn out pretty cool, like the poster of a movie or something. So I decided to a bit overboard with the post processing, hope you like it!