18FebView from Tokyo Sky Tree HDR


05FebPersona 5 Trailer

The new Persona 5 trailer is out and it looks like it will be set in Tokyo. I’m so happy, this game will be huge!

31JanMobile Gaming Powers Through in Japan


What makes Japan’s mobile industry so much stronger?

Many might consider Japan to be the birthplace of the video game industry. Home to the largest names in game development, the country continues to serve as a hub for all things gaming, with some of the longest-running gaming conventions being held in the country. The Japanese gamer does not discriminate between genres, but lately, we’ve seen a shift towards mobile games in the country.

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20FebBravely Default Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Bravely_Default 2014-02-20 (1)

I just recently got the collector’s edition of Bravely Default. A 3DS game developed by square enix, the same company that own the Final Fantasy franchise. This game could acutally be called Final Fantasy, because that what it is. It the same kind of plot, characters and class/jobs from the famous serie. I’m 20 or so hours in, and I’m having a blast, the combat system is solid and there is no tidious or boring section so far. I think the collector’s edition is sold out pretty much everywhere, but I strongly recommend picking this game up if you have a 3DS.

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Kaijin is a Japanese toys designer, one of my favorite also. His design are clean and polish. You can really feel the transition from the 2d illustration to the 3d sculpture. His toys are very rare, especially outside Japan. Not only are they not available outside the country, but they are also run in very limited editions. Especially for the newer toy that he hand paint him self. Check his gallery for more awesomeness!

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17MarMeltdown Dunny 8″ by Chris Ryniak

dunny melt down

The last 8 inches Dunny release from kidrobot is the Meltdown by Chris Ryniak, that we first saw in the Apocalypse series. Kidrobot really did something special this time, instead of having a regular model and a chase, they casted four different colour and made them available in completely different stores. The Yellow one was available online at kidrobot.com, the green one in kidrobot retail store, the pink one in speciality store in the US, and finally the orange one in speciality store out side US. The last one was not so hard to find, since I just had to go to my local designer toy store in Montreal, but I also really wanted the pink one, so I had to go on ebay for it. It was totally worth it though, they look so nice.

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16MarEasy – Mat Zo & Porter Robinson Official Video in Neo Tokyo

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14MarPokemon Black & White Cosplay

pokemon cosplay

I started to play Pokemon White again, and since I pick the male character on my first playthrough, I decided to give the female protagonist a try. Of course there is absolutely no difference gameplay wise and it barely affect the story too. So while looking at this small pixilated character, I was wondering if there was any cosplayer of this pokemon trainer. I don’t even know why I even wonder for a seconds if there was anyone who gave it a go, it full of great costume out there!

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