03MarJanuary in Japan

January in Japan from Scott Gold on Vimeo.

20FebBravely Default Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Bravely_Default 2014-02-20 (1)

I just recently got the collector’s edition of Bravely Default. A 3DS game developed by square enix, the same company that own the Final Fantasy franchise. This game could acutally be called Final Fantasy, because that what it is. It the same kind of plot, characters and class/jobs from the famous serie. I’m 20 or so hours in, and I’m having a blast, the combat system is solid and there is no tidious or boring section so far. I think the collector’s edition is sold out pretty much everywhere, but I strongly recommend picking this game up if you have a 3DS.

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31JulTokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.48.20 PM


This image was shot with a Canon 7D digital SLR camera, with a 400mm telephoto lens. The camera was mounted on a special “gigapixel robot” called the Clauss Rodeon. This programmable robot allowed the camera to move and shoot very quickly, so that it was possible to shoot more than one photo every second.

23JulUnderground Hero Love To Hate Me – Lamborghini Bosozoku 暴走族 Yakuza

Via Maiham-Media.com

01MayJapanese ice scream sushi

When I first saw the picture I though it was wasabi O_O Still macha ice cream nigiri is just as weird! (via kotaku )

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28MarSuper Metroid Final Boss Scene recreated in super HD

super metroid hd

Deviantart user elemental79 enjoy recreating old screenshots of retro games, into super high-resolutions arework. His last piece is the final boss scene versus the mother brain in Super Metroid on the SNES. Check below of a time lapse video of how he did it from start to finish in photoshop.

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Kaijin is a Japanese toys designer, one of my favorite also. His design are clean and polish. You can really feel the transition from the 2d illustration to the 3d sculpture. His toys are very rare, especially outside Japan. Not only are they not available outside the country, but they are also run in very limited editions. Especially for the newer toy that he hand paint him self. Check his gallery for more awesomeness!

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18MarJapan: A Skier’s Journey

Follow skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots through Japan as they explore a world of contrasts. From Tokyo’s city lights to Hokkaido’s sacred hardwood forests, this episode explores spaces of simultaneous anonymity & intimacy, rigid tradition & an embrace for the future, finding epic powder each step along the way. (Via goukaseishi )

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